Comuna Saschiz (județul Mureș, Transilvania) este formată din:

– Cloașterf
– Mihai Viteazu
– Saschiz (reședința).
Saschiz – the village of the Seven Churches


Saschiz is a parish in the southeastern part of the Tarnavelor Plateau, at the foot of wooded hills in central Transylvania. The village is known for its folk pottery (of a graphite cobalt type) since 1702, as well as for its folk costumes and fabrics. Saschiz has been first mentioned in documents in 1305. In 1419 it counted several guilds, of which those set up by shoemakers, carpenters and house painters. By that time, Saschiz boasted several schools, a hospital, Turkish bath-house and a court-house. On the 12th of May 1678, the town of Saschiz fell under Sighisoara’s administrative jurisdiction by a decision of Transylvania’s Diet.


In Saschiz there once stood seven churches and chapels- hence the name “Village of the Seven churches” wich in some cases was used instead. Apart from the fortified church the sites of five of these are known.


The Fortified Peasant Fortress


Today there are two fortifications at Saschiz, which stand for its troubled history in the Middle Ages, namely the Fortified Peasant Fortress and the Fortified Church. The Fortified Peasant Fortress has an ellipsoidal plan, tall walls and towers. It stands on a wooded hill close to the village. Situated on Citadel Hill, with steep inclines on the sides, the Saxon fortification was probably built on the site of a former Roman fort which guarded the road between Rupea and Sighisoara. The year 1347 is written on a stone on the north western side of the perimeter wall and probably signifies the beginning of the construction of the reinforcement of the wall. Seven communities which belonged to the “Kisder Kapitel” built the citadel.


The Old Fortress of Saschiz, as it is also called, just like the Rasnov fortress, is not a typical fortification for Transylvania. The construction of the refuge fortress evinces the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic architectural styles in Transylvania, which was put an end to in the 14th century. This is proved by the Fortress’ bent roof and loop-holes provided with a wooden beam that would rotate in order to ensure a better aiming at the enemy. This system of arrow loops and fire holes is also to be found at the fortresses of Rupea and Prejmer. The stone walls of the Fortress are 7-9 m tall, and they are fortified by square defensive towers. The towers’ names, i.e. the School Tower, the Fire Powder Tower, the PriestsTower, the Princess Tower, the Guard‘s Tower indicate that the village community was well organized. The Old Fortress has kept a 65 m deep fountain to the day.


Atracții Turistice (Tourist Attractions)


Biserica fortificată Saschiz
Biserica fortificată Saschiz (UNESCO)
Saschiz Fortified Church (UNESCO)

Construită în sec. 13 în stil gotic cistercian, reconstruită și fortificată în 1493 în onoarea regelui Ștefan I al Ungariei, biserica este de tip sală, întărită cu 22 de contraforturi și cu un turn de apărare masiv. […..] / Built in the 13th century in gothic cistercian style, rebuilt and fortified in the honor of hungarian king Ștefan I, the church has a nave hall, strenghtened by 22 buttresses and a massive defensive tower. […..]


Cetatea Țărănească Saschiz
Cetatea Țărănească Saschiz
Saschiz Peasant Fortress


Construită în 1347 pe un platou înalt de 681 m, avea zidul de 10 m cu 6 turnuri: de Pază, al Porții, al Preotului, Voievodal, al Muniției (Pulberăriei) și al Școlii, un heleșteu și o fântână adâncă de 50 m. […..] / Built in 1347 on a hill 681 m tall, has a 10 m wall with 6 towers: Guard, Gate, Priest, Royal, Ammunition (Gun Powder) and School Tower, a lake and a 50 m deep fountain. […..]


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