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Romanian Traditional Food is very tasty, mostly based on pork meat, with more than 50 traditional dishes that can delight you, some of the most popular dishes being:

  • Ciorbă de fasole cu afumătură și ceapă (Bean soup with smoked meat and onion)
  • Ciorbă rădăuțeană (A very popular soup from Moldova)
  • Ciorbă de burtă (Tripp soup)
  • Mici (skinless sausages – popular with mustard & beer)
  • Ciolan cu fasole (Pork knuckle with bean)
  • Sarmale (Cabbage rolls with pork meat & polenta)
  • Tochitură (Chopped meat popular from Moldova)
  • Papanași (the best Romanian sweet cake)

    Romanian Cuisine
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    Romanian Cuisine Introduction to Romanian Cuisine


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